Stills - hartmitzvahs

Our boutique studio of still photographers shares the same vision as our master cinematographers (some of us shoot both films and stills!), employing a “best-of-breed” mix of photojournalist and editorial styles. We also like to shoot both digital and still film formats so you get a variety of looks, textures and color palettes.

While there are many extremely talented still photographers outside of our company around the country that we adore working with (and would be thrilled to recommend to you), our company just loves to shoot both stills and films at an event so we can create a unified artistic look for your event media, put all your media galleries in one easy-to-use web space, create the most harmonious synergy between photo and video, and give you very competitive multi-service pricing.

If you would like to see more extensive portfolios of any of our photographers, or would like other recommendations, please email us at
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