Praise - hartmitzvahs

We’ve been honored to receive numerous rave reviews for our event films from clients and planners and for our independent films from the international press.

About our event films:

“It’s important for me to tell you how incredibly blown away I am by your work and the grueling passion that goes into it. Obviously there is the "industry" and then there is you. You evoke so many emotional responses in your product all at once, but yet they all harmonize in a fine, concise stream of something I want to see all of the time in my head. It's funny, because I almost feel sorry for you, knowing what you put into your work; it seems you may have not even chosen to do this as a profession, but perhaps it chose you.”
–Wedding Planner

“All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! NICE!!!!! Jesse, you've done an incredible job... My mom is crying...watching it over and over...You basically rocked everyone's world...I'm nominating our video for an Academy Award.”
–Hamptons Client

“So I love everything about it. I watched it like a million times. Firstly, I love the way you film. The opening is brilliant. The edits are so clean and smart. It really tells the story. It's completely seamless.”
–Event Planner

“Jesse - THANK YOU! We just watched the video. I love it! You really captured all the most wonderful moments so beautifully. I've already watched it 2x and I'm sure that number will increase by 8 at least by the time you read this... Really the best holiday present so far! Thank you!“
–NYC Client

“Jesse, wow! I am on my third viewing, its beautiful, moving and has made me cry. Thanks so much for everything.”
–Event Planner

“I'm speechless...but I'm watching again and it’s giving me chills and making me cry. You are brilliant. Your segues are genius... I'll get it together to really express my gratitude and appreciation with more grace and eloquence!”
–Warren, NJ Client

“Crying. We love it! You guys captured so many great moments. Unbelievable memory. Peter says, "breathtaking". We love you collectively.”
–NYC Client

“WE LOVE IT!!!!!! You did a beautiful job! we think it is truly wonderful!!!!!!!! I know I am biased but it is my favorite montage ever! As they say, "that's a wrap". It is perfect!!!!! Thanks.”
–NYC Client

About our independent work:

“Truly realistic, nuanced and absorbing filmmaking…captivating.”
– Montreal Gazette

“Best Short Film.”
–Berlin International Film Festival

“Genius...Jesse Hart is one of the few artists that Time Out can agree on. We’re mad about the boy.”
–Time Out London

“Hart’s art has a rarefied understanding of the truth."
–The Independent, London

“Hart exhibits a refreshing amount of heart and soul, recalling a older time when "intelligent" didn't translate to "boring".
–LA Weekly
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