We are narrative fiction filmmakers, graduates of Wesleyan University and NYU film programs, who have been making award-winning independent films since the 1990’s. Our work has screened from Sundance to Reykjavik, and our short film received the Best Short Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. About our recent feature film, a reviewer in Montreal said:

“Never have I seen a movie come so close to being a textbook example of realistic performances, nuanced dialogue, and assured direction…captivating from the very start.”–Montreal Gazette

So, how did we get involved in event filmmaking?

In 2008, I was directing my first independent feature film, when one of the actresses came to me with a problem. She was about to get married, was dreading the “cheesy” wedding videography she was seeing on the market and asked us to make her a wedding film. I enlisted my two favorite cinematographers, an excellent sound man and of course, yours truly as director/editor, we filmed and edited it, and without even realizing it, a new company named Hart Pictures was born.

Since then, Hart Pictures has been on a wild two-year ride. Weddings naturally led to B’nai Mitzvahs (Hart Mitzvahs) and in the last year alone, we have worked with some of New York City’s top planners, such as Gourmet Advisory, Avatar Events, David Reinhard, Fête, Sofia Crokos, Sonal Shah, Jennifer Kraft, and Toby Ellen Sarna. We have filmed in exotic locations like St. Barts, Bahamas, Maui, Ireland and Israel; and we have filmed in some of New York’s most legendary spots like Waldorf-Astoria, The Plaza, Gotham Hall, Pier 60, The Lighthouse, Lotos, Cipriani, Museum of Natural History, Bowery Hotel, The Hamptons, and many more.

Please call us at (212) 791-1651 or email us at info@hartmitzvahs.com with questions or for more information. We’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you about your event or show you more of our work.

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