Vintage - hartmitzvahs

These are some of our recent highlight films of b’nai mitzvahs that illustrate our celebrated vintage film look. Originally created for our wedding clients, this “old look” (black and white, sepia or beautifully faded color of Super-8 or 16mm film) is a post-production option for all our clients. We film all our events in modern HD color and then can put on these after-effects to a whole film, to one scene or event one shot.

Bat-Mitzvah: Ceremony at Temple Emanu-El and reception in Westchester, NY. This is crisp HD video made to look like vintage film, first black and white then old color.

Bat-Mitzvah: A girl from New York has her Bat-Mitzvah ceremony at Masada, Israel and reception back in New York City at the Lotos Club. “Old color” style.

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