Montage - hartmitzvahs

These are some of our recent montage films designed for projection at b’nai mitzvah events. We work closely with each family to create the perfect script to fit the uniqueness of each family and b’nai mitzvah child. A mix of humor and emotion, coupled with our use of masterful documentary and narrative techniques, make our montage films shine like no others. And like our event films, these montage films feature our crisp, super-colorful HD look using our small, state-of-the-art cameras, which are currently being used to shoot Hollywood feature films and TV shows like “House”.

Bar-Mitzvah: A take on the television Chris Rock show “Everybody Hates Chris” mixed with both funny and emotional documentary-style interviews with the Bar-Mitzvah boy’s family and friends. Filmed on location in Warren, NJ.

Bat-Mitzvah: An unexpectedly heartwarming take on the television show “Gossip Girl”. Filmed on location on the Upper East Side, NYC.

Bat-Mitzvah: A unique charming script written by the Bat-Mitzvah girl and filmed on location around the Upper East Side and Times Square.

Bat-Mitzvah: A simple yet fun and elegant photo and home movie montage with an early Woody Allen feel.

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